Thursday, 19 December 2013

My favourite lipsticks

So, as my lips easily dry out, it can be hard for me to find lipsticks that are moisturising but still look great. Here are some of my favourites:

Rimmel Kate moss lasting finish in 111 (kiss of life)
It is a very retro red and has a matte finish. It has a creamy formula and doesn't dry out your lips. It doesn't run although it does look better with a liner but it's really a great lipstick that is also very affordable.

Barry m lipstick in 129
This I s very natural lilac but gives a pop of colour to your look, it's very moisturizing and the packing is very modern. It Is very cheap and lasts almost all day. Give it a try!

Avon lipstick in crimson twilight
This colour is perfect for autumn/ winter time as it is very dark but still very wearable. It has glitter in it which makes it look even better and looks great with a smoky eye.

Avon lipstick in smitten red
This is a really good shade of red and smells AMAZING! It's really moisturizing and stays in place for ages. I would recommend a liner with it though as it can bleed throughout the day but is great anyway,

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it!
Stay classy!
Jess x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Foundation review

So as I love makeup, I have a few of my favourite foundations that I would like to review and as I have very pale skin it can be quite to hard to find a foundation that won't make me look too orange or too yellow, I have normal to oily skin as I am a teenager and it can also be very hard to find a foundation that will stay in place all day.

So I will start with my favourite foundation: L'Oreal lumi magique foundation in rose pearl.
This foundation is basically perfect! It gives a very 'lit from within' look as it a dewy look and is very buildable meaning you can start from light coverage and go to full coverage. It gives a look of radiance! This shade is the palest and it actually is very pale unlike other foundations, and although it looks very :dark before you blend it in, trust me it's not. This retails around £10.99 but is sometimes on offer and the minimum £7.99. Although if you do not buy it in the sale, it is totally worth the money anyway and you get 30ml of product and a dispenser. Try it, it's amazing!
So, my second favourite foundation would have to be: maxfactor's colour adapt foundation in 40 cream ivory.
I love this foundation because it's very matte and can stay in place for a very long time with great coverage. It's very matte so is great for oily skin, but probably wouldn't be good for someone with dry skin. I find it is best to use a beauty blender or sponge when using this as it gives a more even coverage as when you use a brush, it can look a bit streaky and doesn't blend into the skin well. This is amazing and definitely worth the buy!

So as everyone knows, illamasqua is great at making foundations and this one definitely proves this: illamasqua light liquid foundation in 133. This is a great light coverage foundation, although I find I do have to mix it with moisturiser as otherwise it can dry out while your blending it into your skin. It is great for when you want to look natural and if your not allowed make up at school, this one is perfect. It makes your skin look flawless without looking cakey or heavy and feels weightless on the skin. However if you do use a moisturiser, try avoiding ones that leave a greasy film and this really doesn't look great. It's around £27 but a little goes a long way and makes your makeup collection even better.
Finally , I have: 17's miracle matte foundation in the lightest shade.
When I first bought this I thought the shade was way too dark but then it blended in really well. It has 16 hour shine control and is oil free, best thing is, it's got SPF 15 so is great for those summer days. It's a very full coverage and truly makes your skin flawless, it's relatively cheap as it is drugstore and it is a brand you can trust. Also, as you can tell by the name it's matte and only requires a small amount of powder to make sure it's there all day long. This is the best cheapest foundation, I have ever used, so go ahead and try it!
Thanks for reading, 
Stay classy!
Jess x


Hello beauties,
My name is jess and as you can see, I'm writing blogs now and have loads of review on everything's from makeup to fashion to random things. So I guess I should tell you some things about myself, well I totally love makeup and how versatile it can be. My fashion sense is very cute but with hints of darkness, I am in love with fashion from the 50s and 60s and adore any vintage jewellery. My favourite shows and films are Sci-fi and I love classic rock. I hope I can write some interesting blogs and encourage you to try new things, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon.
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